ASTRALCOM Develops Alternative to Print Advertising for Small Businesses

ASTRALCOM Develops Alternative to Print Advertising for Small Businesses

Leverages Affordable Distribution Platforms for Local, Regional, National Hi-Traffic Ad Placements

(Lakewood, CA – October 1, 2011) – ASTRALCOM, LLC today announced the public release of their newest service, adZooks! which delivers targeted ad placements in highly-trafficked websites, in popular metro areas across the country. The service was specifically developed to help small and medium-sized businesses easily shift their advertising dollars to more efficient and profitable online sources.

What originally started out as a local, part-time web development firm, ASTRALCOM has become one of the most forward thinking advertising and marketing firms in Southern California, serving clients across the Nation and in Europe.

Developing mobile applications, websites, e-commerce implementations and providing social, search, mobile and print marketing and advertising are now all core services that ASTRALCOM provides.

Part of the company’s success is its ability to reinvent itself to meet the challenges of today’s business world.

And as more companies shift their ad spending to online, ASTRALCOM has been quick to convert opportunity into success for itself and for its clients in search, social and mobile marketing.

The adZooks! targeted banner ad service capitalizes on this shift in advertising spending and delivers more than 3 million potential ad views per day, based on aggregate media and online destinations sites within popular metropolitan service area, like Southern California.

Facilitating ad placements in popular, as well as niche destination sites, enables ASTRALCOM to create specific economies-of-scale when creating, placing and managing these campaigns. According to executives at ASTRALCOM, this produces significant savings in ad buys which ASTRALCOM passes on to its clients. For advertisers, this means that ASTRALCOM extends the reach of their advertisements – locally, regionally, or nationally – into more places and in front of more targeted consumers; for far less than traditional advertising costs.

The concept is simple and straightforward: A set of compelling banner ads is created by an expert messaging team; they identify demographic, geographic and ethnographic consumer bases and finally, the adZooks! team assigns metro targeting and fits the ads to the targeted destination sites throughout the designated networks.

“We adZook! the ads,” said Richard Bergér, VP of E-Business at ASTRALCOM in casual reference to what his team members do throughout the process of creating top-notch ad messaging and calculated placement in hand-selected, high-traffic destination sites.

While the actual process appears seamless and automatic to clients, the ASTRALCOM team employs a thorough creative and management process with each engagement. “This enables us to deliver above-standard click-through rates on our banner campaigns,” explained Bergér.

”Ultimately, our clients get a broader targeted reach, in more top local & regional websites and media platforms and it’s less expensive and more measureable than traditional print advertising,” he added.

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