ASTRALCOM Launches Unique “LocalZonely” Mobile Application for Smartphones

ASTRALCOM Launches Unique “LocalZonely” Mobile Application for Smartphones

Uses GPS and geofence to connect shoppers with local businesses; foster micro-economic growth

(Lakewood, CA – September 5, 2012)  ASTRALCOM, LLC today announced that they had launched LocalZonely – a geofence mobile app for smartphones and tablets, designed to help connect shoppers and tourists with local businesses.

ASTRALCOM is a digital business solution provider that creates and develops strategic Internet and e-business growth solutions using web, search, social, mobile, and print tactics for a broad range of clients.

After extensive development and testing, last month ASTRALCOM quietly soft-launched their new LocalZonely app for mobile devices. This unique app connects shoppers and tourists directly with local businesses, deals and incentives, wherever they go in the world; by means of a geofence.

In one of the first commercial apps of its kind, LocalZonely allows each participating business to establish a geofence – a virtual perimeter – around their location. Once LocalZonely shoppers cross this geofence, they receive an alert with a welcome message, offer or incentive from the business.

For shoppers and travelers, the LocalZonely app uses geofence and GPS technologies to actively alert them to local businesses and deals near their location and as they pass by each participating business or “LocalZonely destination.”

“Now, shoppers can instantly see all participating businesses near them, find a specific participating business, or respond to a geofence notice right from their handheld. They can share the business with their social networks, get directions and/or call the business directly,” explained Richard Bergér, VP of E-Business at ASTRALCOM. “It’s an amazing app because, really, it allows shoppers and tourists to be a local, wherever they go. And, it’s super easy for businesses to get setup,” he added.

“With so many cities and destinations encouraging residents and visitors to shop local, the LocalZonely app helps to facilitate this,” stated Craig Kaner, Chief Financial Officer at ASTRALCOM.

“Retail districts, shopping malls and popular destinations could all leverage the power of LocalZonely in helping to create a more sustainable local economy. It really is that easy,” added Mr. Kaner.

Mr. Bergér explained, “Depending on how businesses use their geofences, they can help to create new customer opportunities and they can increase customer loyalty; both of which help build stronger client relationships and increase sales.”

During the soft-launch period, which lasts through November 2012, businesses should establish their profiles in LocalZonely for FREE. Beginning in December 2012, new businesses will be charged a $9.99 monthly fee, but the app will remain FREE for shoppers.

Visit LocalZonely on the web at to learn more, download the app and/or setup your business, or visit your smartphone’s app store and download LocalZonely FREE.


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