The future has arrived

The future has arrived

Why did Astralcom create Localzonely? At first, it was just a tool to show our clients what we could create for their business. Then something really special happened, LocalZonely took on a life all its own.

LocalZonely uses geofences technology. Basically, it’s a virtual perimeter around a participating business location. This allows businesses and destinations to advertise and offer incentives to existing and new customers, in their area, in real time. Also, it allows the consumer to see all participating businesses deals and incentives in their area, anywhere in the world, right in the palm of their hand.

There is a massive demand for location-based marketing services worldwide, according to the findings of a new TNS report. This report found that these services are the most sought after by mobile users across the globe.

LocalZonely is where future companies, big and small, will be advertising to customers. At the same time, it is where shoppers will connect to find great deals for the places where they love to shop.