A Marketer’s Guide to Improving Outcomes, from Google

A Marketer’s Guide to Improving Outcomes, from Google


With multiple customer touchpoints, every customer journey presents brands with multiple opportunities to connect with consumers.

From our post on Situational Search Advertising, we know that we can ensure that the right message occurs at the right time, but that’s just the beginning. How can we be sure that each customer touchpoint is performing optimally and that we’re maximizing each customer’s experience? And how can we determine the effectiveness of these touchpoints?

“Measure what matters most,” says Google. Who are we to question Google?

“To make sense of today’s complex customer journey, better measurement is critical,” says the latest Think With Google article.

The article presents some interesting thoughts on metrics. For example, the article raises some good questions about the “real” measurement of cost-per-acquisition and even suggests alternate, more effective ways to measure this.

Doesn’t that sound familiar? In our post from September, we talked about Why Measuring Cost-Per-Acquisition is Rarely Correct and that jives with Google’s perspective. So, wait, who’s following whose lead here? Heh heh.

If you like metrics, then you’ll like Google’s new article. Check it out at this link: https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/articles/measure-what-matters-most.html.

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