How Content Affects the Buyer Journey

How Content Affects the Buyer Journey

Most sales and marketing folks today probably recognize the A-I-D-A scene with Alec Baldwin in the movie Glengarry Glen Ross. But it was American advertising and sales pioneer, E. St. Elmo Lewis who really started that line of thinking back in 1898.


While that principle still holds true, advertisers and marketers are challenged, more so today, because of the multiple channels that comprise a typical customer journey and the varying psychological context of the customer along that journey.

We talk briefly about this in two of our recent posts: The Taxonomy of Society and also in Situational Search Advertising.

But i-on interactive does a stellar job explaining how “interactive content can successfully usher buyers through each stage of their journey, identifying and addressing pain points, and providing opportunities for enhanced engagement at every touchpoint.”

Checkout their 3-stage guide in their whitepaper, “Interactive Content Across the Buyer’s Journey.

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