The Ever-Shrinking Work Day

The Ever-Shrinking Work Day

DeskTime took a look at employees working the typical 8-hour day and learned that the length of an average workday declines as the week goes on. “Mondays are the longest workdays of the week – employees work on average 7.2 hours. Yet starting from Tuesday, hours get shorter and shorter, and when Friday finally arrives, the length of a workday has shrunk to 6.9 hours.”


Read the study by DeskTime to learn why this happening and what you can do about it. That is, if you want to reverse the trend.

The speed of business still requires people, even though the workday continues to get shorter. That’s why you need multichannel marketing working for you 24/7. So, when everyone has left early, your multichannel marketing and advertising efforts are still hard at work.

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