When Email Becomes Social

When Email Becomes Social

Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content, and Dr. Liva Van Scotter, Editorial Research Manager over at MarketingSherpa provide some rather interesting insights in this post that explores factors that influence commercial email forwards.

Using Share Calls-To-Action In Emails

They start by asking the question, “How do you reach beyond your own list to get your email sends out into this social network?”

They examined over 200 emails and what percent used different tactics — segmentation, triggered messaging, personalization and a prominent “Share with Your Network” CTA — in their email. Their research showed that, “Only a minority of forward-worthy emails (15.8% for triggered messaging) used any of the four tactics.”

It’s a great read and provides a lot of good insight and ideas to make emails more effective all the way the around.

We begin to introduce a similar train of thought in our post Social Commerce and the Relationship Economy. What’s all the Hype? from October 2014.

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