The Push For Cross-Channel, Real-Time Communication With Consumers

The Push For Cross-Channel, Real-Time Communication With Consumers

Email Marketing Priorities 2015On August 6th, 2015, we posted When Email Becomes Social. On August 13th, eMarketer posted this article. The gist of both articles is that it’s a challenge to be everywhere – at the right time – for all of your target consumers. But, with a proper content marketing strategy, it’s not as difficult as you may think. Plus, the results are exponential when all your acquisition channels are supporting one another.

With the push toward real-time marketing, cross-channel strategies are becoming more important and according to the eMarketer article, “The need for relevancy has never been stronger; today’s consumers expect a seamless digital experience across the board.”

The eMarketer article further points out that leveraging customer data is essential in getting the best return and states that, “While syncing data between behaviors gleaned from digital channels and customer databases is important, these are not the only two data sources on the minds of email marketers. Increasingly, many also look to pull in offline purchase data, whether via in-store collection at the point of sale or from third-party sources. Not only does such data provide a more end-to-end picture of customers and their relationship with a company, it also provides valuable intelligence that can be fed back into this cross-channel strategy—even as a means to find those who are “best customers” from an in-store revenue standpoint but who are largely unresponsive to email. Once such customers are found using this or other customer-rich data, the goal is to identify more relevant methods of continuing a dialogue.”

Of course, once you’ve been able to properly segment your audience, then this kind of granular data can be used to create effective personalized communications that push the right buttons with your prospects and buyers.

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