Backlinks: The Content Marketing Two-For-One Tactic

Backlinks: The Content Marketing Two-For-One Tactic

Even though Google is constantly tweaking its algorithm, increasing some signals while devaluing others, one constant SEO tactic remains true and that is backlinking.

Back-Linking Strategies

Backlinking is the practice of getting your website links onto other high pagerank websites so that these sites refer traffic to yours. It’s a pretty straightforward tactic but it does require some best-practices aspects and fundamentals. Newscred’s Kylie Ora Lobell posts another gem in this article that helps get you grounded and ready to undertake a backlinks effort for your SEO plans.

Of course, central to the backlinks strategy is content. Yes.  Even Kylie’s post summarizes with that same sentiment, wherein it sates a, “… focus on quality content first, and linking and promotion second.”

More and more, we’re seeing content drive SEO and SEO drive content. If that sounds confusing to you, then you really need to get in touch with us at 800.536.6637, or click  and one of our business advisors will help you understand and take advantage of content for SEO.