Do Cheaters Really Never Prosper?

Do Cheaters Really Never Prosper?

2-18-16Marketo is out with a good cheat sheet for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Yes, that is what it is called by Marketo in “Your Cheat Sheets to Social Success.”

While it sounds more like a primer on how to behave in public, it’s really a solid set of good suggestions to help you optimize your actions in three main social networks.

From strategies, metrics, brand lift, the cheat sheet from Marketo shows you how to optimize ads and automate social activities within Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

You’ll also learn about things like, “building your brand presence and fan base, advertising and optimizing your ads and best practices for creating a voice,” in each platform.

Read the cheat sheet from Marketo, have a look at our Content Marketing Primer presentation. Then, why not give us a call at 800.536.6637 to help you reach your social media engagement objectives.