Gehan Homes Renews SEO Agreement with ASTRALCOM

Gehan Homes Renews SEO Agreement with ASTRALCOM

(Lakewood, CA – March 15, 2016) – ASTRALCOM, LLC today announced that they had recently renewed their search engine optimization program with Gehan Homes.

In comparing organic website traffic from 2015 against 2014, ASTRALCOM was able to increase organic traffic to Gehan Homes’ website by 19.56%. These results made it easy for Gehan Homes to renew their agreement for another term, heading into 2016.

Gehan Homes

“Twenty percent is an admirable increase and we’re all very happy with the outcome,” stated Richard Bergér, VP of E-Business at ASTRALCOM. “Gehan Homes has a great team and working with them to ensure that our SEO efforts are top-notch has been rewarding,” added Mr. Bergér.

“Outstanding results,” said Christopher James, Digital Marketing Manager at Gehan Homes.

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