What Does Customer-Centric Really Mean?

What Does Customer-Centric Really Mean?


In our white paper “The Digital Journey to a New Home Purchase” we defined the journey using the 4 C’s methodology:

(1) Content leads to a (2) Click-thru, which leads to a (3) Customer Experience which produces a (4) Conversion.

Another way of stating it is: Engaging content delivers a good CTR and an inspiring customer experience produces a higher conversion rate.

So, it’s fair to say that if your CTR is good but your conversion rate is low, the customer experience needs to be examined.

MarketingSherpa does extensive research in this area and have produced a series of posts that include key points on the customer experience from leading experts in marketing.

From clearing misconceptions and myths about the customer attitude, to offering solid information, MarketingSherpa’s posts on customer centricity are a must read for serious marketers.

We eat this stuff up and incorporate these kinds of philosophies into results for our clients. If being a customer-centric brand is one of your objectives, then you need to contact us.