If You Aren’t Using Buyer Personas, Then You Need to Read This Now!

If You Aren’t Using Buyer Personas, Then You Need to Read This Now!

Ignore buyer personas and the very existence of your brand is in peril. Consider these three questions as they relate to your business:

“Who the heck are we going to talk to? Why will they care? What are we going to say that’s relevant to them?” These three questions are the root of buyer personas, the foundation to the success of content marketing and moreover, the ultimate success of any brand. In her talk at the Intelligent Content Conference, Ardath Albee, a B2B marketing strategist, pointed out that companies go out of business if they ignore these fundamental questions.

Buyer Personas

In fact, Giuseppe Caltabiano over at NewsCred goes even further in his article and review on buyer personas, content and the buyer journey. He says, that, “Developing personas, understanding their buyer journeys, and mapping content to the different stages of the journeys all contribute to content marketing success. You can’t have one without the other.”

Both articles are must-reads and both articles provide a perfectly formed picture how to create and use buyer personas, and how to develop content that fits each persona at various points along the buyer journey.

Buyer personas aren’t new to anyone who’s worked with buyer profiles or customer segmentation. But the ways in which marketers can use their buyer profile data has changed. Now it’s necessary to connect with customers in the ways and places that match their personalities. Buyer personas are the perfect tool for today’s content-driven multichannel world.

ASTRALCOM also has some great posts on the value of content and how it relates to the buyer journey:

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