Micro-Moments Now

Micro-Moments Now

micro-momentsSmartphone users know only too well that they literally have the world in the palms of their hands. It is possible to search, learn, work, play, shop and so much more all on mobile. With such a myriad of possibilities at our fingertips, the advent of mobile has made things much easier and faster. Whatever you can think of, you can get an immediate response through your mobile phone.

Brands must leverage this need for speed in order to remain relevant in the market. As an example, according to statistics by Google Trends, searches for ‘open now’ are rising. These days, people are always looking to solve their immediate problems on the go. Call it impulsive action, instant gratification or what you will, but the fact remains this trend exists.

In addition, consumers are no longer willing to wait days for their orders. They want same day shipping and instant delivery of products and services wherever possible. There are many consumers who fail to make plans and have to do things at the last minute. For example, last minute flight searches are on the increase. When it comes to hotel reservations, people are using mobile more and more to make those emergency bookings. This is a reality that marketers must capitalize on in today’s need it now environment.

More than half of all mobile visits will be dropped if the site takes more than three seconds to load. In fact, for every delayed second that follows, potential conversions may be lost by around 12%. Mobile experience must, therefore, be stellar and fulfilling, with urgency being a primary focus.

To remain relevant, brands must be speedy in how their content is delivered. Websites that take forever to load are a sure way to lose potential customers. According to Lisa Gevelber, Google’s VP of Marketing for the Americas, it is paramount to provide efficient mobile sites to the user. She adds that the expectations for immediacy are becoming more pronounced than ever. Check out Gevelber’s article on Think with Google for more on this growing trend.

Certainly, while content and site load speed are critical components, so are engagement and conversions. It’s all part of the customer journey and the challenges that face the savvy brands of today.

In order to create and optimize user experiences, it helps to work with experts who deliver. ASTRALCOM is ready to help you keep connected and engaged with your audiences. We tailor engagement and conversion strategies to help you deliver a flawless customer experience. Reach out now and let us help make your business mobile-ready for enhanced conversions.