Why Marketers Need to Think About “Killing Marketing”

Why Marketers Need to Think About “Killing Marketing”

Frustrated office manager tearing document.Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose have co-authored a radical new book titled “Killing Marketing” that is creating waves. In it, this duo suggests dismantling core concepts and rebuilding marketing with a more sustainable business model. Pulizzi is the founder of the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), and Rose is its chief strategy advisor. As such, they have the credibility to be seen as potential leaders of this relatively new concept.

In a nutshell, this book’s primary message is that each business should evolve itself into a media company. According to the authors, this can only be accomplished by the content being deeply entrenched as the focus of all marketing. This way, marketers can concentrate on building loyal audiences rather than simply promoting products or services. The book goes on to assert that this can only be realized when content delights and motivates people to engage with companies over and over again.

To support their ideas, Pulizzi and Rose offer vivid instances of prominent brands which are already doing this. Some of the most notable of these include Disney, Arrow Electronics, Red Bull, Terminus and LEGO. It is interesting to note that CMI’s business was in fact modeled after that of Disney.

“Killing Marketing” dwells on this industry’s perception of the real value of original content. It also relates to the influence these new strategies will have on marketing over the long haul. Content trends of the past are mentioned, such as the 1980’s with company-produced glossy magazines. These trends are traced on through the early 2000’s when digital took the lead up through the present day. Insights are then presented on why contemporary businesses need to delve deeper into crafting their entire promotional strategy around content. The authors believe that this can only happen by firms making significant investments in talent, processes, and technology.

Lisa Kalscheur has written an in-depth review of “Killing Marketing” on Newscred’s blog. In it, she details that in spite of her initial skepticism, she not only agreed with the concepts addressed by Pulizzi and Rose but also derived much inspiration.

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