Using Non-Promotional Content Marketing for SEO

Using Non-Promotional Content Marketing for SEO


In any campaign, NewsCred reports that their first step is to build relationships with their audiences through the use of non-promotional content. To engage with audiences, it is important that this content is credible, helpful, entertaining and inspirational.

This non-promotional content has to be authentic while also being well-tuned to powerful SEO. When consumers have questions, the first thing they do is turn to search. Studies have shown that 93% of online experiences start with a search engine and more than 50% of website traffic usually comes from organic search. Most notably, about 75% of search engine users never go beyond the first page. This is why anyone wanting to run a successful marketing campaign must pay attention to SEO.

SEO isn’t the only crucial part of a successful campaign, though. In addition to checking for relevant terms, Google Searches prioritizes quality content that users will appreciate. Engaging, useful, informative, and shareable content is the beginning of building a very strong and effective foundation for SEO.

5 key areas to get the most from your traffic volume are strategy, engagement, traffic, action, and monetization. Optimizing in each of these areas will get you the most mileage on your content and drive returns on your investment in marketing.

Content coverage should be the core foundation when it comes to your editorial strategy. For your content to be effective, NewsCred recommends you implement the following strategies:

– Prioritize high-volume search terms which will help to drive traffic to your page.

– Comprehensively cover the topics at the core of both your brand and audience.

– Ensure that you answer all relevant questions your target audience is likely to ask.

Following these strategies will ensure that your content is effective. For more online marketing tips from Newscred, read this informative article penned by Matt Covi and Heather Eng. Looking for more secrets to optimizing SEO for maximum results? You’ll want to read this article from ASTRALCOM CTO Erik Jensen.

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