Basics of YouTube SEO

Basics of YouTube SEO

youtube-1495277_960_720_smallAccording to a recent study done by Alexa, YouTube comes second after Google as the most visited website. The secret to maximizing results on YouTube lies in search engine optimization (SEO), much like your website. YouTube SEO requires a lot of optimization work that can be encapsulated in a way that can be easily applied to your existing videos and to each new video that you publish. Below are a few tips to help your content rank high on YouTube.

1. Begin with keyword research

Conducting keyword research helps you understand your audience and their online habits. Type your keyword inside the search box to see popular searches using your keyword. This is an autocomplete feature that is built into YouTube.

2. Track your position on YouTube rankings

You track your website’s keyword ranking on Google, but do you do the same on YouTube? If not, then it’s time to do it! Find keywords you want to target so that you can begin to track your progress.

3. Content is always King, but maintaining consistency is Queen

To compete effectively with other creators on YouTube, it requires the development of great content that will stand out from the rest. It is also an opportunity to build your subscriber base and form long-term relationships with your viewers. One important way to accomplish this is to create high-quality content on a regular schedule.

4. Short is not necessarily sweet

Keep in mind that the goal for YouTube is to compete with television so that they can charge in a comparable way for their advertising rates. Therefore, they’re looking for high quality and extended content, so they can continue running more ads.

5. The first 48 hours are crucial

YouTube’s viewers are renowned for being unforgiving. When you put your video up, make sure that all your optimization techniques are ready. Avoid publishing a video with the intent of optimizing later, or your video could suffer in the YouTube rankings. For more details, including great tips for optimization strategies and utilizing analytics for your videos, read this post on Search Engine Land’s blog.

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