How an Effective Email Strategy Can Support Content Marketing and SEO Efforts

How an Effective Email Strategy Can Support Content Marketing and SEO Efforts


Content marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) are natural complements to one another. Creating high-quality content to boost your online marketing strategy gives you an opportunity to optimize more keywords, come up with new pages that will rank higher in search engines, and attract more inbound links. Paying more attention to developing a coherent strategy will likely boost your search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your sites and social platforms. In short, quality content will help to get more exposure and increase the popularity of your company’s brand.

To further improve engagement and bottom line results, email marketing, in particular, can provide fuel for your content and SEO marketing campaigns. According to Jayson DeMers, founder and CEO of Seattle-based AudienceBloom, there are four main reasons to consider the benefits of developing an effective email marketing plan for your business.

– Cost Efficiency

Email marketing is enormously cost-efficient when compared even to social media, which DeMers states is the next most cost-effective marketing strategy. You can begin your email campaign using free or inexpensive mailing platforms to reach out to your potential customers. It’s a highly scalable strategy, especially for those people who have established a system. Email marketing will never cost your organization a huge amount of capital at any one time. Just for this reason by itself, it is worth doing.

– Content Promotion

One of the major benefits of email marketing is content promotion. By emailing your subscribers, you get a chance to showcase your best and most recent work. Assuming the content is well received, you can reasonably expect them to engage with it and even share it further. Email blasts are very inexpensive and they can happen instantly.

– Link Attraction

It can be difficult to succeed in SEO without having an extensive link profile. Strong inbound links help you to direct traffic to your site, and without them, your competitors will almost certainly outperform you when it comes to organic search results. Email marketing helps bring attention to content posts you want them to see, both from your subscribers and those with whom your content is shared. This should result in an influx of several new quality links to your company’s site.

– Customer Loyalty

By sending emails at consistent intervals, particularly to promote special events or new content, this will encourage customer loyalty and help boost your brand’s reputation.

DeMers’ full article detailing how email marketing can support and give fuel to your organization’s overall marketing efforts in on Forbes here.

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