Google Maps’ Reviews Puts Pressure on Restaurants

Google Maps’ Reviews Puts Pressure on Restaurants

Step Aside, Yelp – Google Maps is Now a One-Stop Shop


This past fall, Google Maps added a review feature, giving users a quick way to add 0-5 stars to a business they’d just searched out and visited. Reviews are a battleground for taste-making establishments, especially for restaurants. While Yelp does a nice job weeding through fake reviews, Google’s newly added feature could put restaurants at the mercy of all kinds of online behavior. Whether or not reviewers are scrupulous, however, readers tend to trust what they see in reviews. The way Mobile Marketer puts it, reviews are like word-of-mouth advice from friends, but elevated

How can restaurant owners create the types of positive impressions that yield happy reviews and high stars? As I’ve written about in the past, restaurants and authentic expressions of a lifestyle go hand-in-hand. Knowing your audience, and knowing that younger customers are the most likely to see and believe in Google star ratings, you can devise multichannel strategies to create a high-impact experience.

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