How Can Content Attract the Right Customers?

How Can Content Attract the Right Customers?


Creating alluring content is key to successful marketing

Persistence pays when it comes to content marketing. There is no one way to reach an audience, and with a format as flexible as digital content, brands are in a constant bidding war for customers’ precious attention. Yet there are certain content creators who seem to nail it every time. Forbes dives in to analyze the secrets of seductive content marketing.

Don’t underestimate the value of being relatable and authentic, particularly when it comes to social media. Brand recognition is propelled by humanizing traits like humor, style and a sense of social purpose. Couple this with pithy headlines and powerful imagery and it won’t matter whether or not your content gets a full read – you’re already making connections with content consumers. Read more about this in my previous post on “Is it What You Say, Or How You Say It?

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