SEO for Homebuyers: How to Reach Buyers Earlier in the Sales Cycle

SEO for Homebuyers: How to Reach Buyers Earlier in the Sales Cycle


Understand a Home Buyer’s Motivations and Journey to Target Them with Powerful SEO

I’ve written in the past about the benefits of mapping your customers’ journeys in order to understand their motivations and what drives their purchasing behavior throughout a day in their life, and in the long-term. No purchasing decision is as complicated as buying a home. This is why it’s essential to map out where your customers are coming from – what sorts of internet searches might be a high priority for them as they embark on their home purchase?

As Search Engine Journal contends, it’s important to get ahead of buyers well before they purchase a home. What sort of research are they likely to conduct as they go about their home search? Taking ownership of your content by leveraging competitive differentiators and matching them to each buyer’s point of their journey helps create engagement that drives more conversions. Optimizing the content for SEO related to adjacent topics, as specific as home-selling and as far-reaching as school rankings and neighborhoods, will increase the likelihood that buyers-to-be establish familiarity with you and your brand.

If you’re seeking creative ways to raise awareness around your new homes and new home communities, ASTRALCOM can help. Let’s talk about ways to connect with more homebuyers, more consistently and ultimately drive more lead conversions.