Online Reviews Are Now Incorporated In SEO

Online Reviews Are Now Incorporated In SEO


How Do Reviews Impact SEO, And What Should Your Business Do About It?

A recent article by Social Media Today explains in detail how you can roll out the red carpet for Google My Business (GMB) in order to maximize the value and uptake on local reviews. While Google+ has long since lost traction, GMB and location-based reviews now store the highest number of online reviews for businesses. On top of this, when a user adds a keyword to a GMB review, there are implications such as appearing in the Local Pack, or the short list of businesses that appear on a map that are relevant to the search query.

Review content is important for linking your business’ online presence to a navigable spot on the map and is also a great way for users to engage directly with existing customers though Q&A. This feature limits the way business owners can engage – i.e., you can’t create your own questions and answer them, but you can fill out the pre-populated questions with answers stuffed with keywords to help improve your SEO visibility. Check out GMB’s support page to explore the full versatility of local reviews.

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