Hungry? Google Maps Will Help You Choose Your Meal

Hungry? Google Maps Will Help You Choose Your Meal


Searching For Restaurant Locations Is Now Sure To Whet Diners’ Appetites

Google is constantly upping the ante when it comes to search engine functionality – perhaps with Maps more than anywhere else. As I’ve written about in the past, reviews as a feature of Google Maps puts pressure on restaurants and other small businesses whose past customers can make a big impact at a very early stage of a new customers’ journey. Searching for a Google Maps destination is no longer just a moment of discovery – it’s a decision-making moment as well.

If you’re a Maps user, you may have noticed that Google has been asking users who upload pictures of food or beverages to tag the uploaded images with a name. The power of user-generated content is mighty – Google is now able to take those oft-photographed dishes and show them as “Popular dishes” in a restaurant’s menu view on Google Maps, according to the latest from Android News.

As far as restaurant owners are concerned, here’s the catch – if a dish is notable enough for someone to take the time to snap and upload a photo, it has to be memorable and it has to be repeatable. Seasonal fare may be your restaurant’s claim to fame – but if you want to have a place in the Popular Dishes image view, your dish needs to be snapped and logged by a significant number of diners.

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