How To Capture a Patient’s Journey With Healthcare Marketing

How To Capture a Patient’s Journey With Healthcare Marketing


How Can Healthcare Practitioners Better Know Their Patients?

These days, customers are conditioned to get what they want when they want it – especially when it comes to quick answers and facts. This is a major use case for people who experience some sort of symptom who go straight to the search engine to get information on what ails them before they contact a doctor. According to an article in Customer Think, 57% of customers go online seeking information about a health condition before they make an appointment with a doctor.

As I’ve written about in the past, there are many ways to understand the complexities of a customer’s journey – and it’s worth doing so. Knowing how a patient feels, what motivates them and how they navigate the highs and lows of their experience from moment to moment over time can offer up key data that better equips you to provide amazing service and create lasting conversions.

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