What Can Your Restaurant Do to be More Instagrammable?

What Can Your Restaurant Do to be More Instagrammable?

The Upside of Visually Appetizing Restaurants


Instagram is important for restaurant marketers for one essential reason – by making a restaurant photographable and Insta-ready, your customers are doing marketing for you. Crowdsourcing your value adds and business plugs is a powerful way to get attention, to be recognizable and to leverage reputation.

So what does it take to be an Instagrammable hot spot? According to a recent article on NBC, attractive décor is a big draw – especially for millennial and Gen Z women posting to the social network. Not only will high contrast lighting, white or light dishware and compelling wallpaper or tiles make customers want to pull out their phones and capture the moment – decorative elements like these will make your restaurant visually recognizable without users tagging the location.

Small restaurants and emerging chains are best suited for this type of Instagram targeting. However, marketing experts – myself included – advise you to keep it authentic and don’t lean too heavily on a social media push. If decorative elements feel tacked on, phony or unrelated to the rest of the dining experience, chances are, customers will be turned off.

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