Move Over Baby Boomers – Gen X is Here

Move Over Baby Boomers – Gen X is Here

What Does It Look Like When Buying Power Enters a New Generation?


Surprising as it may seem, Gen Xers – who are wedged between their Boomer parents and Millennial kids – are entering their 50s, and are ready to start planning their golden years.

What can we expect from this burgeoning consumer group? While Gen Xers are a smaller part of the population than their parents’ generation, their flexibility, interest in retirement, appetite for work and desire to “settle down” are all factors with macroeconomic impacts.

With housing, in particular, Gen Xers’ desires are going to be different than prior generations. Gen Xers will likely stay in their jobs a few years beyond 65 years of age and will opt for more flexible living – perhaps traveling between cities. As a generation, Gen Xers have more stable finances than prior generations. The group can be categorized as financially literate and prepared – with knowledge of what it means to retire.

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