What To Keep in Mind When Setting Up a Webshop

What To Keep in Mind When Setting Up a Webshop

Ready for Ecommerce? Here’s How To Stay SEO-Savvy


Selling products online is a massive undertaking. Don’t let the glossy, step-by-step nature of eCommerce platforms trick you into thinking your product will go flying off the virtual shelves immediately – it’s essential to research the best eCommerce platform for you, and from there, to dig in to your specific settings to ensure that you’re getting the best SEO value possible.

This extensive guide from Search Engine Journal focuses on a how-to when enabling SEO for Magento, which is just one of the many eCommerce platforms out there. However, many of these lessons are universal. Here’s the low-down:

■ Build an SEO-friendly URL. This means your URL should be quickly readable, clear and recognizable. It should also be structured such that product categories and subcategories are clearly delineated, and ladder-up to pages’ hierarchy to help a user view their own history and navigate in-URL (if necessary) while browsing your site.

■ Ensure that all of your products and categories have titles and metadata descriptions. This is the bread and butter of backlinking and technical SEO. Don’t fall back on the defaults that platforms like Magento insert for you – make your descriptions rich and interesting.

■ Tag and name your product images. Again, the more data you layer on to your content, the more search-engine friendly your site will be.

■ Add a blog! Longform, high-quality content can boost your SEO presence significantly. Plus fans of your product will look to your blog to better get to know your brand and your story.

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