What is a Topic Cluster, and What Can It Do For You?

What is a Topic Cluster, and What Can It Do For You?

Topic-Clusters Are a Transformative SEO Tool for Business

Content Marketing

When it comes to promoting your brand and elevating your SEO profile with long-form content, slow and steady wins the race. Why? It takes time for SEO to capture backlinks, and to algorithmically understand long blog posts and feeds. However, consistency is the name of the game – building a stable, lasting message is a strong and sure path to SEO success. One way to boost your long-form approach is with topic clusters.

What exactly are topic clusters, you ask? Topic clusters are a series of links, posts, and bits of content on your site that are all linked to a content pillar – a single source of material and overarching content message. Pillar content works well when it is organized around a central keyword with a high search volume – whereas the topic clusters that ladder up to it can be shortcuts to more specific, contained content needs.

From an SEO perspective, the goal of content clusters is to gain traffic for and grow your rankings by being a home to content that has more niche audiences and smaller search volumes.

How does this take form on a site? Building out pillar content is something you may be doing without even knowing it – this simply means attributing tags, keywords, and metadata to your essential site data – the meat of what users peruse on your site. By adding additional, more granular details in the form of tips, examples, quotes and blog posts, you can boost the rankings of your pillar content and grow an overall healthier SEO presence.

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