Why Content Marketing Integration Deserves To Be High Priority

Why Content Marketing Integration Deserves To Be High Priority

How to Absorb Traffic when Marketing Channels Act Together

Content marketing cannot simply be a numbers game – after all, content creators are qualitatively driven and are often creatives at heart. This is to say that content marketing demands that you consider not just what you are creating – but how you’re creating it, and what a customer’s various points of entry might be.

Newscred is calling 2019 the year of integrated marketing – which is to say, marketers who are going above and beyond are likely also stacking up their campaigns for omnichannel reach and new, fresh frameworks to approach the process that underlies content creation.

Integrated marketing supports a coordinated series of omnichannel activities. Inherently this means that the customer journey is taken into consideration as a part of the marketing plan. Predicting how, when, where and in what circumstances a customer might come upon a piece of marketing content is essential to your brand’s ability to gain traction and build strong leads. I have written before about the value of mapping out your customer’s journey – in this case, I would argue that it is equally valuable to do this work in support of a specific product push or campaign.

For a successful integrated marketing campaign, make a plan. This means determining how a piece of long-form content will scale across social media channels and beyond – and how to advocate for the appropriate calls to action that best suit each channel. Don’t let a supplemental channel be an afterthought.

Is there risk involved in an integrated campaign? Of course, there is – this more considered, high-level approach to marketing requires strategic foresight (read: extra time) – but if executed well, it will build operational efficiency and will pay off in rich, traction-gaining interactions.

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