What It Looks Like for Multiple Generations to Live Under One Roof

What It Looks Like for Multiple Generations to Live Under One Roof

What questions can builders ask themselves to prepare for Nextgen living?

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While, at one point, American families prized private households and single-family dwellings, we are seeing a resurgence of households that consist of multiple generations of the same family. Why should living together under one roof happen under duress? Builders are starting to see that the possibilities are endless.

Introducing the NextGen home. Or, re-introducing; as it happens, families’ preference for a shared household is a lifestyle that was more common than not prior to World War II, and slowly re-entered culture in the aftermath of the 2008 recession. These days, it is less an issue of instability that puts grandpa, grandma and perhaps even aunts and uncles under one roof; it is a sweeping desire for flexible living arrangements.

I have written about this shift in the real estate landscape of how people set up and occupy their dwellings in the past. What homebuilders are doing these days responds to new appetites for cross-generational living that cuts across income ranges – which is to say, this is not just an issue of re-working floorplans for mansions. Rather, homes in the 500,000’s as well as homes in the many-millions are similarly being reconsidered to solve for the needs of this emerging market.

What does it look like for a builder to respond to multigenerational living? A recent article profiles a major homebuilder who is adding flex rooms, or “gen suites” to floorplans of all sizes. The addition of private space is ideal for aging parents who are looking for a new nest. And, crucially, if new living spaces for multiple generations is one response to the increasing desire for flexible housing, chances are they’re solving lots of other problems as well. For instance, the addition of a flexible suite could also serve as a workspace, a perch for out of town guests or Airbnb-ers, or a landing pad for grown children or other long term guests.

Homebuilders seeking to meet the needs of NextGen buyers can ask themselves how the master bedrooms are organized in the flow of a space, how accessible spacious, private rooms are for the elderly, and how indoor and outdoor areas are configured to permit as much flexibility and privacy as possible.

For many buyers, the simple idea of a first-floor master bedroom is a game-changer as it means that aging family members can skip the stairs. How can homebuilders lean-in to simple messages like this to attract new buyers? If you’re a home builder looking for ways to attract new audiences, ASTRALCOM can help with comprehensive content marketing services. Get in touch today.