Tips to Improve Your Email Clickthrough Rates

Tips to Improve Your Email Clickthrough Rates

When it Comes to Inboxes, Marketers Have to Jump Extra High to Stand Out

Email Marketing

Marketers love to hate on email campaigns. And, while inboxes are a saturated environment that many of us would prefer to steer away from, they remain a highly valuable channel because they are ubiquitous and often lead to immediate conversions. So how can you ensure that your e-mail marketing stands a cut above the competition? I’m a fan of many of these tips – here’s my take:

-Be attention-grabbing. Once you’ve captured a subscriber and they’ve opened the e-mail you sent, your primary goal is to stop them from hitting delete. Working towards smart, quippy headlines and subject lines is a great way to start. And personal salutations go a long way, especially if they’re aligned with your brand and tone of voice.

-Create a little drama. Smart copywriting and good editing can quickly establish a sense of immediacy and suspense. Are you able to help your reader solve some kind of problem? Is what you’re selling a game-changer? How can you communicate the ready value of your message and product or service in terms that will hold a reader long enough to get to the call to action?

-Turn the momentum into action. Once you’ve held a reader’s attention for long enough to engage them in an “ask,” you can offer a low-key call to action that requires little effort on their part and still has a value for your business. Remember – your CTA is not just about selling something; the clickthrough moment needs to be about connecting a real person with something truly, uniquely valuable.

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