Check Yourself To Ensure That Your Calls to Action Are Working

Check Yourself To Ensure That Your Calls to Action Are Working

The Art of the CTA Requires Careful Prioritization, and Just The Right Level of Detail

CTA - Calls to Action

In the business of SEO, we are often most concerned with getting people to your site. The next part of interaction is no less essential – a call to action is “the ask,” or what you want your user to do. You can have an effective headline, great copy that tells a real story, and strong images, but if you fail to provide an exciting enough call-to-action (CTA), the rest is null.

So, what’s the best way to ask the user to take action? Think of your CTA as a way of conveying the value that will be delivered immediately after the action. The more a user perceives some value, the more likely they are to be drawn in by a CTA.

In crafting CTA’s, consider the following:

1. Are you being direct about the value a user will receive? The more clearly you can articulate what their action amounts to, the more likely they will click. So, “Next” on a button is less likely to bring you success than “Get 20% Off Today.”
2. Is this a long-game conversion or a quick win? Knowing where your customer is in the lifecycle can help you determine whether you should use language like “Learn the full story” or “Buy today.”
3. Is your tone correct? Think of your audience, and what will be most likely to motivate them to move forward into your site. This is subtle work and requires a nuanced understanding of who you’re trying to reach, and why.
4. Is your urgency real or not? If you don’t have something immediate to offer, avoid “Act Now”-type language in order to retain customers’ trust.

If you’re looking for ways to deepen your content marketing and CTA-crafting expertise, ASTRALCOM can help. Get in contact with us to learn more about creating great calls-to-action.