How Brands Can Systematically Address SEO

How Brands Can Systematically Address SEO

What’s Missing From Your SEO Strategy?

SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization is a very buzzy concept. At ASTRALCOM, we are firm believers in positioning an SEO strategy at the core of all marketing activities. And yet, while some marketers have dipped their toes in optimizing their search engine performance, the technical complexity of SEO tends to overwhelm people. Keywords, meta-descriptions and paid AdWords are just the beginning. There’s more to SEO than meets the eye because it’s constantly changing.

Getting organic search engine results is only half the battle – what you really want is quality traffic in the form of relevant clicks and site visits from users who are legitimately interested in what your site has to offer.

Google employs around 200 different ranking factors to determine how high or low your page ranks in search results. A sound, reliable SEO strategy will help you find traction amid those factors. A tested and proven SEO methodology will see you running research, site audits, optimization, and finally steps to amplify your web traffic and evolve as the Google algorithm evolves. The first couple of steps here are especially crucial – you don’t want to jump into technical optimization without research and a good site audit. Conducting rigorous keyword research will help you to see where your brand falls within your competitive set, and will also help set the stage for building new web content.

We are always on the lookout for updates and shifts to how SEO works. Google updates its algorithm on a very frequent basis – every few weeks to every month. The good news is, Google announces these updates and offers valuable intel on how to prepare for changes. If you’re a business looking to implement a comprehensive SEO strategy that’s sure to keep up with the algorithm, ASTRALCOM can help. Get in touch today.