What’s Truly Worth It for Customers? Here’s How Customers Assess and Perceive Value.

What’s Truly Worth It for Customers? Here’s How Customers Assess and Perceive Value.

Optimize Your Customers’ Perception of ValueHow To Optimize Your Customers’ Perception of Value

Marketers and marketing scholars often speak of marketing like a performance – the way a brand stages its campaigns is not unlike the way performances work to enchant an audience. In this frame of thinking, there’s a barrier between your company and your target customer – on one side there is the real value your customer will receive when they purchase products or services from you; on the other side is customers themselves – all of their ambitions, competing priorities and ability to bring lifelong value to your company.

Marketers can cut through this perceptual barrier with a strong brand presence, active participation in relevant channels, and compelling content. How can your company communicate the value of your offering without overwhelming your customers? One idea is to express the importance and value of acting fast. Build relevance by knowing who your customer is and what motivates them – and create a sense of time-sensitivity through one-time offers, unbeatable deals or discounts.

Another intelligent way to know your customers is to study their usage patterns over time. What you think you’re offering is not always the same as the value perceived by your end-user. Track usage of your website and, where relevant, your product. Stay in contact with customers, gather feedback, analyze your website’s performance and build a comprehensive plan around how you can engage with your customers after the moment of purchase to tap into their potential as ongoing or repeat buyers.

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