Why Customers’ Psychology Matters to Your Site Design

Why Customers’ Psychology Matters to Your Site Design

User Experience & Good Design are the Foundations of Customer Trust.

Not all designers are marketers and vice versa. However, in these times, we – and our customers – are living our lives online more than ever. Marketers need to align strategically with their web designers and collaborate to most effectively build a digital environment that lends itself to a compelling user experience. 


Where to begin? Start where your user starts – at your landing page. How can you build or redesign the most effective possible landing page? As with all good marketing and UX, it helps to work from an understanding of your customer’s psychology. What are they looking for? How will they build trust in your brand? Make a commanding first impression – usability, accessibility, and attention-grabbing visual elements are useful ways to guide your user’s eye to calls to action and critical information. Your brand should have a visual language that quickly registers with your customer and is easy to remember. Also, your value proposition and differentiating factors should be front and center. How is your product or service offering special and unique from your competitors? Say it in a short sentence – and make it a headline on your landing page.


Then, think about how your customer will encounter the site. Map out their thought process at a very granular level – and remember, online customers are not necessarily reading in order, or word for word. Your goal is to foreground who you are, what you offer, and why it’s special; and to help your customer to see themselves in your offering. Specific headlines, clear imagery, and an intuitive flow of information will all lend themselves to a streamlined user experience. 


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