The Secret Sauce that Powers Optimized Conversion Rates

The Secret Sauce that Powers Optimized Conversion Rates

Can Writing and Design Help Your Business to Optimize Conversion Rates?

Optimized Conversion Rates

Good marketers know that in most cases, products, and services – even when they aren’t flying off the shelf – rarely need to be changed in and of themselves. More often, what needs improving is the value perception customers connect to your offer. Boosting customers’ perception of value is a topic I’m fascinated by. In this recent set of case studies, value perception – and conversion rates – are measured based on the quality of writing and design on companies’ websites.

For example – did you know that statements generate a significantly stronger conversion rate than questions? This is especially the case for headline copy. Headlines are eye-catching opportunities to seize your customer’s attention and guide them deeper into the offer. Statements can be short phrases along the lines of “Free Shipping! Try Before You Buy” or “Satisfaction Guaranteed with a 3-month Warranty.” The simpler, the better. Untangle your message to convince customers that you’re trustworthy.

On the theme of breaking down complexity, email newsletters or emails that record transactions are another area that operates best at their simplest. If you’re looking to get something from customers in response to your email – say, to follow a CTA, visit your social media pages or leave a review, you’re more likely to have success by shirking templatized emails. Simple plaintext emails with the right amount of personalization are more likely to entice customers to action.

Copy and design are often a customer’s first peek into your brand and can leave a memorable impression. If you’re married to a type of writing or design element within your digital marketing ecosystem, try simple tests to get a data-driven understanding of how customers are engaging with you online.

If you’re a business looking to grow your conversion rates and optimize your value perception, ASTRALCOM can help with comprehensive digital strategy and content marketing services. Reach out to learn more about us.