Bridging the Gap Between Customer Intent & Site Data

Bridging the Gap Between Customer Intent & Site Data

How to Use Data to Generate Actionable Results from User Intent.

Use Data to Generate Actionable Results

Content marketing and mapping out the customer journey are both areas that obsess digital marketers – both are complex and nuanced. However, often the insights derived from users’ thinking and intent are not directly applied to content marketing plans. A recent article dives into the best ways to leverage customer intent at various stages of their journey in order to make the most of your digital touchpoints – and to be able to plan future marketing initiatives against real data.

When a customer is gathering information about you or discovering you for the first time, you want to ensure that you frame your offering in a way that is consistent with your brand messaging, and that elevates your value proposition. What might cause customers to hesitate during this moment? How can you clearly express the way your product or service solves a problem for them? Additionally, it helps to research what other types of content your target customer is likely searching for to help you locate opportunities for digital ad placements.

When you’ve converted a user through a sale or ongoing engagement with your site, investigate how users are moving through the customer journey. Where you have users sign in with accounts – what changes are you seeing in your site activity across users over time? Are there content syndication opportunities that can help you maximize your traction and gather more data on leads? Monitor the effectiveness of topics and keywords, and try personalizing individual landing pages to suit specific audiences.

Lastly, evaluate your leads. Are you looking at repeat conversions or churn? If you see a pattern of churn – or customers lacking traction – it’s possible that they are not staying engaged out of a lack of knowledge around your core offering. On the flip side, where you see high-value leads, find opportunities to cross-sell or upsell to them.

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