Make Localized Marketing a Priority For Your Business

Make Localized Marketing a Priority For Your Business

How To Approach Marketing for Businesses with Multiple Locations

Make Localized Marketing a Priority For Your Business

At ASTRALCOM, we have been obsessing over the way location-based marketing has swept the digital ecosystem – and has become an utterly native way of using the internet via desktop, laptop, smartphone, or audio device for users around the world. 


recent study includes findings by the revered research firm Forrester on how multi-location businesses are approaching marketing at the local level. A topline result indicates that decision-makers in larger companies are aware of localized marketing’s benefits but do not fully leverage it. 


Why not? Some obstacles that interfere with multi-location marketing might include a lack of insight on specific locations, difficulty finding a unified brand message across local and broader regional or national needs, and siloed ways of working within companies. If these obstacles sound familiar to you, a helpful remedy to start with is defining and understanding internally what your business’ localized marketing needs are, and how they can be assigned to distributed teams. While it may be tempting to retain a central message or to go fully decentralized and let every location fend for itself, the smartest approach is a hybrid of the two. To coordinate both large-scale and local marketing initiatives, lean on comprehensive tech platforms that aggregate marketing plans. This way, you can ensure that your timing, content, offers, and page management is trackable, manageable, and owned by the appropriate stakeholder. 


Whether you’re a large company seeking to integrate general and location-specific messages across your marketing, or you’re a small business working to optimize marketing efforts across several locations, ASTRALCOM can help. Reach out to learn more about us


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