New Year, New Social Media Strategy

New Year, New Social Media Strategy

It’s Time To Refresh Your Brand’s Approach To Social…For Real

New Social Media Strategy

2021 is poised to present unprecedented opportunities for marketers. We’ll see COVID vaccines roll out and incremental, optimistic changes for people and the economy – which means marketers have their work cut out for them.

2020 was a roaring year for social media. In many ways, social media replaced interactions out in the world while we were all stuck at home. The pandemic was a game-changer for social media habits and customers’ expectations and for brands looking for new ways to surface their value. According to a recent report, several trends have characterized social media’s rapid expansion and the demands it places on brands. Here’ my take:

  1. Social media offers a clearly visible ROI – and fast. Short term campaigns and snappy, memorable marketing messages will continue to thrive on social channels.
  2. Tact is invaluable. There comes a time when commentary and advertising are simply not adding anything useful to customers’ experience. Brands need to know when to step back and watch what’s happening on social – and, when the time is right, make a soft entry that invites customers to ease their way into your offering rather than seeking conversions during a troublesome time. Sometimes, being a platform for passive content is just what your customers need from you.
  3. The boomers are in the house. It didn’t happen overnight – but the pandemic has accelerated the presence of 60+-aged internet & social media users. 2021 will see this trend continue.
  4. Brands should wear their values on their social pages. When social and political unrest is rampant, your customers are aware – and in many cases, they have a point of view. Decide early and boldly how your brand wants to show up and share its core values with your audience – and when the time is right, be ready to respond quickly to what’s happening in the world.

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