Is Your Brand Serving Your Customer At Every Stage Of Their Journey?

Is Your Brand Serving Your Customer At Every Stage Of Their Journey?

Here’s How Brands Can Act As Long-term Guides To Grow Audience Engagement Over Time

Serving Your Customer At Every Stage Of Their Journey

Let’s face it – the touchpoints that exist between you and your customer do not follow a linear path. As a customer increases their awareness about a brand, chances are their journey is winding and complex. At the same time, the customer journey has to start somewhere. A recent POV takes the position that customers’ entry points tend to happen when they feel especially supported by content that is somehow adding value in the moment and opening a gateway of awareness and trust between them and your brand.

As a customer’s relationship with a brand deepens, they grow connected to it, sharing affinity with how a brand represents itself. Trust emerges from this connection. Brands have cultivated a lasting relationship as soon as a customer is not just aligned with a brand but looks to it as a source of reliable information. Gaining a customer’s trust is a pivotal way to ensure their lifetime value to your business. By leveraging content that has the power to influence both what a customer knows and how they feel, brands can start to integrate their goals into customers’ journeys more effectively. Building a relationship is more art than science, so it is essential to emotionally relate to customers over time.

Tracking a customer’s emotions is challenging work. Content that is intermittently entertaining, inspiring, and educational is more likely to help meet customers’ emotional needs over time. Content that adapts your customers’ language is crucial to maintain your brand’s relevance and affinity. Another way to think about nonlinear customer journeys is through models of communities, where language, habits, and preferences evolve collectively into shared norms and tastes. Build your brand into these preferences by researching your target audience and communicating with them in a way that they can relate to and identify with – and at moments that matter to them.

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