This Is Why The Homebuilding Industry Needs To Address Health & Wellness

This Is Why The Homebuilding Industry Needs To Address Health & Wellness

Health And Wellness Begin At Home

Wellness begins at home

It’s no secret that the health and wellness industry has swept up significant parts of the market in lifestyle categories as expansive as fitness, food, clothing, cosmetics, and more. The homebuilding business, too, is seeing an increase in health and wellness priorities as features like air filtration take the industry’s center stage.

Recent press tells us that the health and wellness movement has been slowly creeping into the homebuilding world for some time – COVID has accelerated an existing trend. Air quality is a factor that is now on buyers’ minds. Plus, over a year into the pandemic, people have higher expectations for their home environment, having spent so much quality time within the same four walls. And, with as many as 10% of working adults planning to move house, the housing market is poised for a noteworthy uptick.

Homes that perform highly will stand out for buyers who expect health and wellness to bear positive effects for those who live in a home and for the environment. Energy efficiency is no longer an isolated feature for homebuilders to sell. Efficiency is bound up with a need for people to feel that their space promotes healthy air, a positive mental outlook, access to private outdoor space, and enough space to live life indoors without feeling cooped up. Ventilation and air filtration systems with automated systems and sensor-driven functionality will make life easier for homebuyers who want to trust that air is moving and that harmful toxins, pollutants, and particles are not lingering in the air. And, while upscale filtration and circulation systems are emerging, a simple ceiling fan is also a high-value addition to new homes – and is something new homebuyers are actually seeking.

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