Buckle Up: Google’s Experience Update Launches in May

Buckle Up: Google’s Experience Update Launches in May

Content Remains King In Google’s Updated Experience Page

Google’s Experience Update Launches in May

The time has come – Google has plans to spiff up its SEO algorithm next month to encompass a new factor: Page Experience. Page Experience will shift the way sites accrue rankings; however, it will continue to account for many well-known SEO differentiators, including how mobile-friendly a page is, its HTTPS standing, and how successfully it follows Google’s guidelines. 


The big wrench for businesses is the introduction of Google’s Web Vitals, a newly published set of best practices and benchmarks that help to quantify the user experience. These signals include key SEO cues such as mobile optimization, fast web page speeds, quality CTA’s, and alt text on images. Site owners, web admins, and marketing teams should make these factors a priority in ongoing efforts to maintain and augment a site’s SEO performance. A good user experience not only loads quickly – users can seamlessly click CTA’s and interact with the site without experiencing long waits. The site should be visually stable, meaning it loads as a whole rather than staggering the site load into glitchy bits and pieces. As ever, reliable, value-adding content will always do well by the algorithm. In many cases, a comprehensive content strategy will impact how you write your CTA’s and how well users can navigate your site.


If keeping your site high in Google’s rankings is important to your business, this is an update you’ll want to pay close attention to. ASTRALCOM is equipped to support your SEO initiatives. Learn more about our Metrics Authority service, designed to help you run tight analytics on your site and optimize for the best customer experience.