Timing Is Everything for Email Marketing

Timing Is Everything for Email Marketing

How To Bake Timing And Analytics Into Your Email Marketing Strategy

Timing And Analytics Into Your Email Marketing Strategy

Anyone with an inbox can relate to feeling inundated by emails. For marketers, email remains a vital channel to communicate with audiences – plus, it boasts a strong potential ROI. How can email marketers stand out in a saturated field of inbox chaos? 


Focusing on timing is a great start. After all, if you meet your customers at a moment that matters or when they feel particularly receptive, chances are they’re more likely to become a conversion. 


Recent data collected by Omnisend, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, and Klavivo tells us that Tuesday and Thursday are steady, good bets for sending emails – with a few variable factors to contend with. Weekly newsletters have a high success rate on Thursdays – though Tuesdays are a close second. Interestingly, Thursdays see better open rates, while Tuesdays see better click-through rates, What’s more, Monday and Saturday tend to be the worst days to send out promotional emails. 


As far as the time of day – your timing is essential. As with many digital marketing initiatives, knowing your target customer’s ideal timeframe for outreach is critical. Consider mapping your customer’s daily journey. What is their profession? What is the arc of a typical day for them? What are their pain points or frustrations? How can your offering provide them with unexpected benefits or opportunities? For many marketers, midday emails will be well received, while for others, reaching out during pre-and post-work hours is ideal. Try experimenting with early morning, mid-afternoon, and early evening emails to get started. 


As I’ve written about in the past, killer Email campaigns follow a set of core guidelines. ASTRALCOM is here to support you if you are looking for a data-driven solution to take your Email marketing to the next level. 


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