What It Means To Be Mobile-First In 2021

What It Means To Be Mobile-First In 2021

Why Customers Demand Mobile Services

Mobile-First In 2021

In the past decade or so, mobile usage has overtaken computers and now represents 57% of all web traffic worldwide. Optimizing a website, online store, or marketing campaign is no longer optional for brands. “Mobile-friendly” is not enough – digital initiatives need to be “mobile-first.”


Where can brands best channel their efforts in optimizing for mobile? Responsive design that adapts between screen sizes is certainly one answer. However, brands should consider what they’re making available at a deeper level, how their CTA’s look and feel, and the full spectrum of a customer’s journey. After all, accessing your site via a smartphone may be the only experience a customer has. Customers expect a seamless mobile experience in many aspects of their lives, from reading the news to ordering clothing, buying groceries, to booking travel.  


Notably, mobile and desktop searches serve up very different results for users. Google just recently rolled out its mobile-first index, in which the algorithm will prioritize search results based on the predicted needs of a smartphone user.  


Are you looking to stand out with a top-of-the-line, mobile-first website? Make sure that your pages load quickly, your viewports of appropriately sized, your files render functionally, and your experience is seamless. Determine what your customer needs, and when/how/why they are finding your business from their smartphones. To dive deeper into mobile-first SEO, partner with ASTRALCOM. We offer holistic SEO services to keep your brand vital to the customers you value most.