The Power Of Intent Data

The Power Of Intent Data

Are You Leveraging Data On Users’ Intents In Your Content Strategy?

Data On Users’ Intents In Your Content Strategy

Content strategists are people too – and are prone to making a common error in which they instill their own perspectives into how they plan marketing campaigns. Privileging users and accounting for their in-the-moment needs is a far more solid strategy than following your intuition.


Yet, according to recent studies, only about half of digital marketers use intent data to craft their campaigns. Marketing without analytics is, most likely, a poor use of resources. Here are a few ways to get started with analytics-based marketing. 

  • Sort out your competitive landscape. What other types of content are your customers looking at? Once you have a sense of this, you can determine the content formats to invest in. 
  • Identify your customer’s knowledge gaps. Good content marketing is, in some way, educational in nature. What can you help your customer learn – both about your product and about what it might do to improve their lives? 
  • Determine where you want to reach customers. Are you primarily looking to generate awareness, create long-term engagement opportunities, or make a sale? Intent data can help you understand how close your customer is to making a purchase and how to engage with them most effectively.
  • Get personal. Personalized content is a marketer’s secret weapon. Intent signals and demographic data combined can help you tailor landing pages, blog posts, emails, and even social media to the right audience.

How analytics-driven is your brand? If you’re looking for ways to grow your customer relationships through meaningful data, partner with ASTRALCOM. 


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