Three Ways To Make Your Content More Readable

Three Ways To Make Your Content More Readable

Have You Thought About the User Experience of Your Brand’s Language?

Make Your Content More Readable

Content marketing is the art and science of adding value to a customer’s experience through readable, straightforward content. This means that marketing language needs to be easy to read, understand, and remember, and imagery should be eye-catching and tell a story. Here are some things to keep in mind when designing your content marketing around readability:

  • Consider your audience. Does your language speak to experts, the everyman, or both? Who benefits most from understanding your content?
  • Prioritize ease. Most customers are likely at about an eighth-grade reading level, and even those with a higher level of education are likely to tune out content that requires too much brainpower. Keep your sentences short and avoid the passive tense.
  • Measure your brand’s readability. Deciding on content’s quality and efficacy can be a highly subjective matter. Try working with tools that provide a quantitative measure of your brand’s readability to hold you accountable.

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