How Restaurants Should Be Online in 2022

How Restaurants Should Be Online in 2022

A Short List of Internet Essentials for Restaurants

Internet Essentials for Restaurants

Looking to drive more locals to your restaurants? Effective SEO is the best way to help prospective diners find you. Many business owners equate SEO with on-page essentials, such as effective tagging, clear headlines, sharp content, and backlinking. However, businesses should consider several off-page details as unmissable SEO boosters.

  • Google Business is a powerful tool for restaurants and brick-and-mortar businesses of all stripes. An accurate, relevant Google Business profile makes it easy for customers to find you in a search on their browser or Google Maps.
  • Less obvious platforms that are still relevant and helpful include Yelp and TripAdvisor. These sites attract millions of users every day, making them excellent for visibility. The more your content aligns with what you’ve posted to Google Business, the more likely search engines are to trust your business.
  • By maintaining a healthy presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, businesses can generate traffic through profile links, which signals to the algorithm that yours is a credible, authoritative brand. 
  • Share your details with online directories. Sites like CitySearch, Foursquare,, and more create helpful backlinks to your website and make it possible for new customers to discover you. 

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