How to Think About Content Marketing Through The Metaphor of a Web

How to Think About Content Marketing Through The Metaphor of a Web

What’s Sticky, Organized, and Designed to Capture Visitors?

Content Marketing

Building a web takes patience, care, and strategy – while this behavior might feel native to a spider, the metaphor applies perfectly to content marketers who are building creative ways to attract and capture an audience. After all, much like marketers, spiders take their time to create a spiral, working from the outside in. The design is intricate, and the form factor leads to repeatable results. Here are some mechanisms of a web that relate to capturing an online audience:

  • A point of affinity. Anchoring your core values through web content allows your ideal customer to say “yes” and definitively align themselves with your brand.
  • An honest brand promise. Customers will catch on to any marketing materials that feel like smoke and mirrors if the quality of your product or service is not up to par. User-generated content, reviews, and brand reputation will help fulfill your brand promise and strengthen your web.
  • The conversion point. An inflection point in any customer’s journey, the moment when a customer is converted is critical to the success of a web. Customers need to feel helped, not pushed, as they approach the center of the web.

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