A Recession May Be Looming – Should Your Content Marketing Slow Down?

A Recession May Be Looming – Should Your Content Marketing Slow Down?

How To Keep Your Content Marketing Strong Amid Recession Conditions

Content Marketing

Interest rates are high, living costs are soaring, and businesses worldwide are gritting their teeth in preparation for the next recession. Most companies will look to marketing initiatives when making budget cuts; however, longitudinal data shows us that cutting back in marketing spending is not always wise.

A recent report shows that during the 2008-2009 recession, many businesses cut marketing spending by 13% or more – but those who did not make such cuts saw 3.5% more brand visibility. For many businesses, cuts are inevitable. What’s key, then, is to pivot your strategic thinking to approach your online presence without losing momentum completely.

Content marketing is one area that is worth maintaining throughout an economic downturn. Effective content marketing serves as an educational tool for your target audience and builds customer affinity and trust. If your audience relies on your perspective and you cease putting out content, they will lose sight of your brand. Assess what competitors do and how their activities change as the economy continues to shift. Do you occupy the same market share? Can you offer something beyond what your competition is doing?

ASTRALCOM has been leading content strategy and marketing initiatives with clients across sectors for decades, and we’ve seen firsthand the long-term value content marketing can bring to businesses. Partner with us to reframe your marketing activities and keep your brand front of mind for key customers.



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