FirstBIKE, Inc Partners with ASTRALCOM for Paid Search Services

FirstBIKE was created to build the best balance bike for younger children, allowing them to learn to ride a bike intuitively and without stress.

According to a review by Two Wheeling Tots, “FirstBIKE helped to revolutionize the balance bike market in the US. Years later, countless other bikes have entered the market, but in many ways, the FirstBIKE is still the bike to beat.”

FirstBIKE is a fairly new, award-winning brand and we’re excited to help them connect with consumers in the US, UK and Australian markets.

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Richard Bergér is the VP of E-Business for ASTRALCOM, an integrated media services company located near Los Angeles, California. Richard draws on his military and psychology backgrounds to create pervasive content strategies, motivating conversion tactics and targeted audience acquisition for clients. Connect with Richard via his LinkedIn profile.

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